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After 28 years in Old Colorado City, Flute Player to close in early 2017

John and Linda Edwards, inside their Old Colorado City store, the Flute Player.
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For the past 26 years, the Flute Player Gallery has been a fixture at 2511 W. Colorado Ave.
       Owners John and Linda Edwards plan to bring their store's streak to an end, probably by the end of February, when they will close it for good.
       The decision wasn't an easy one. “It's harder going out than it was going in,” John commented.
       Specializing in Southwest Indian art - particularly jewelry items - the Flute Player has actually been in Old Colorado City 28 years. For the first two, it was in the Old Town Plaza commercial center at 25th and Colorado, not far from the current location.
       “They've been good years,” John said. “I can't complain.”
       In addition, they previously owned the Soap Box & More shop (chiefly run by Linda) in the same block of the avenue. They closed that business in 2016 after 19 years.
       That decision, like the current one to end the Flute Player's run, reflects the health issues that have cropped up for the Edwards couple in recent years, which prompted them to start planning for retirement.
       The storefront will likely be vacant for a time after the Flute Player leaves. John said he and Linda, who own the building, want to be careful about who they lease the store space to. One thing he vowed was that the new tenant won't be a medical marijuana dispensary.
       The pair, who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, also decided not to sell their business name. “I'd hate to have someone come in and destroy what we've built,” John said.

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(Posted 1/3/17; Business: Changes)

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