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June 16, 2005                     Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                     Volume 2, Number 23

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Range of 'potential solutions' await public at next Westside Hwy 24 open house June 21

Retail plan next to Bear Creek Park draws fire

Plenty of upside at first Garden Fair

EDITOR'S DESK: Westsider feedback needed on 24

What do you do? Lymon Mark

COBWEB CORNERS: Answers to local-history quiz

April tops in his West Point graduating class

New Cimarron-Conejos bridge remains low on RTA's 'A' list

Biz Buzz: OCCA seeks longer store hours

Weiner going to space camp

Old Town art scene: 'Blossom' summer shows set

All part of commissioning

'Genny Garden' gives heart to Thorndale Park

Mesa Springs CDBG work may start in August

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